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Why are we so different:

Leslie and Bill Ferris are as dedicated as it comes when it comes to hiring a lighting professional.  We are all in on lighting, providing a quick turnaround in estimating your project.

If a potential client tries to cut the line, that may work with others but not with us, we’re here to make your experience joyful and stress-free.  Being fair to all potential clients and existing clients, by underpromising and overdelivering, is our style.  We are honest about our completion timeline, giving you a clear picture of what to expect.


What's the quality like?

We offer commercial-grade LED lights and greenery that you will know when we bring the highest quality products to your door.  Check out our portfolio and our catalogs.


Do I own the lights?

Christmas Décor leases all decorations to you, most products are customized to your home, and when we return after the first of the year to remove the décor, everything is stored at our facility, in dry storage containers with your name and address on them. This makes second-year and later installs a breeze.


How do the lease programs work?

We offer mostly three-year leases, which by far is the best deal where lights that have been customized to your home can be used without modifications, for the entire three years of your lease.  Single-year leases are also an option.


What if there are issues with the lights?  

We provide one free service call each year of your lease to all of our clients, and anything weather-related, there would be an additional charge for.

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