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  • Joshua Silver

2023 Christmas Lighting & Decorating Trends in Northeast Massachusetts

During the Christmas Season, no matter where you travel, you'll find yourself treated to the delightful sight of home and business exteriors beautifully decorated with an array of holiday and Christmas light decorations. These festive illuminations are an indispensable and cherished part of the holiday season. As we prepare to embrace this festive spirit in 2023, it's time to take a closer look at some of the captivating Christmas lighting trends that will illuminate our spaces with a fresh wave of charm and wonder.

White Lighting

The White Christmas Light Trend

If you're yearning for a magical White Christmas filled with the warmth of twinkling lights, you'll find your perfect match in a delightful array of White Christmas Lights trending this year. Let's dive into some examples of this trend below.

During this holiday season, Warm White Christmas lights will be a popular choice for outdoor lighting. The slightly golden hue emitted by these holiday lights adds an elegant touch to any outdoor setting, creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere.

Pure White Lights

Pure White Holiday Lighting Trend

Pure White Christmas Lights emit bright and pure white light without any tint of other colors, hence providing a clean and clear illumination.

This year, anticipate the use of pure white Christmas lights in conjunction with warm white Christmas lights for crafting outdoor wreaths and garlands.

In combination, the warm white and pure white lights will play off each other harmoniously, creating a balanced and visually striking arrangement.

The contrast between the two types of lights will add depth and dimension to the overall design, making it more eye-catching and dynamic.

Multicolor Lighting

Multicolor Lighting Trend

This trend is all about the artful blending of various colors to create a burst of festive joy.

You'll come across a fantastic combination of colors featuring Blue, Green, Red, and Pink, which will embellish the exterior trees. Adorning the rooflines, you'll find charming Blue string lights adding to the festive ambiance. And to top it off, Warm White String Lights will be used for the garlands, wreaths, and some additional trees.

Candy Cane Light Wraps

The Candy Cane Stripes Lighting Trend

Inspired by the Candy Cane, this festive season, you'll witness a stunning display of lighting, as a beautiful combination of Pure White and Red adorns the rooflines. Pure White string lights will be elegantly draped over garlands, wreaths, and the exterior trees. At the same time, the vibrant Red Net Lights will beautifully illuminate the foliage.

Whether you are preparing your home for a residential celebration, organizing a public event, or illuminating a commercial or municipal space, it's essential to consider not only the aesthetic appeal but also the safety and expertise behind the installation. Hiring professional lighting installers and lighting designers can make a significant difference in ensuring a seamless and safe lighting display.

Large Christmas Ornaments 1

Large Ornaments, Animatronics, and Specialty Decorations Trends

This season we can expect to see many more specialty items decorating homes, venues, businesses, malls, and public spaces. These can include animatronic elements, large lighted ornaments, and more.

Large Christmas Ornaments 2

Tranquility Lighting

New Product Trend in 2023: Tranquility Lighting by Christmas Decor

A new product has surfaced that is sure to make your outdoor or indoor spaces more festive and add a peaceful ambiance to your property. Tranquility Lighting by Christmas Decor is a non-traditional lighting design that combines weeping mini-string lights with dangling bulbs that provides warm inviting light around trees. Tranquility Lighting by Christmas Decor is perfect for backyards, patios, gardens, restaurants, hotels, public spaces, and more. Impress your guests and passersby with Tranquility Lighting!


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